Opportunities @ Enfold Proactive Health Trust

Enfold is expanding rapidly in its field of work - prevention of gender-based violence and rehabilitation of children, adults and families reporting sexual violence. To make the transition from a small organization into a bigger one which is empowering and graceful, we need dedicated, competent and experienced team members. We have specific requirements for the... Continue Reading →

ZenCSR (Zensar’s CSR)

Zensar is committed to improving the overall wellbeing of communities living in the cities where Zensar is located, specifically within slum communities and across the city with respect to digital literacy, employability and environmental sustainability. The Foundation also emphasizes Employee Volunteering towards making these initiatives a reality. Zensarians are encouraged to volunteer their time and... Continue Reading →

Vacancy with Marine Turtle Programme @ Dakshin Foundation

Opportunity with Dakshin’s Marine Turtle Programme We  invite  applications  from  prospective  candidates  for  a  post  coordinating  the  marine  turtle research  and  conservation  projects  executed  by  Dakshin  Foundation.  The  project  also  has established and helps coordinate the activities of the Turtle Action Group (TAG), a network of over twenty  non‐governmental  organisations  from  around  India,  working  towards ... Continue Reading →

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