Care, Trust and Respect – Domestic Workers and their Employers

Rajesh Joseph, Roshni Lobo, Balmurli Natrajan Recently, Deepika Mhatre, domestic help and a stand-up comedian, gave a glimpse of how things have changed for her: “Appearing on stage has added to my confidence…some madams who bumped into me near the lifts spoke politely to me for the first time. Earlier, I had been invisible.” Read... Continue Reading →

Programmes at Sambhaavnaa Institute

Sambhaavnaa Institute is organising three programs this November-December that may be of interest for individuals in social organisations/movements/campaigns, as well as youth who are interested to learn about social change. To Read more or Apply click here 19th to 23rd November: Buland Iraade: A Journey of Discovery and Self-Reflection. Program Objectives: Understand concepts including power, gender, patriarchy... Continue Reading →

Where are the missing boys?

Economics in action

Rema Devi and I have visited a set of schools and villages in the Samastipur district of Bihar very recently. There are interesting developments in education there.

First, there is a significant increase in the readiness to admit children in schools. Hence the enrolment has gone up substantially. This may be due to the limited improvement in, and investments for, human development that are happening in Bihar during the last 1-2 decades. These could be facilitated by the political mobilization of non-elites and the emergence of a competitive democracy there. Though some of the people who became literates through the Total Literacy Campaign might have relapsed to illiteracy (an issue that is noted here), there could be a substantial increase in the demand for schooling as an outcome of the campaign. That too may be reflecting in Bihar.

Currently, there are no major issues that work against sending girls…

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Living Utopias |November 14 – 19, 2018 | Odisha

We are happy to announce a short one week residential course titled, “Living Utopias”, in November 2018. The course provides a perspective to understand a) the urgency in combating the crisis of industrialism in the world today and b) the various alternatives in different spheres of a civilisation—ecology/ economy/ politics/ socio-cultural/ education and technology. The... Continue Reading →

Social Actions That Followed the Total Literacy Campaign

Lessons from Malar (Kanyakumari District) By V Santhakumar, Anant Gangola, K K Krishna Kumar First posted @ 1. Introduction The Total Literacy Campaign (TLC) of the early 1990s was a major mass literacy initiative in India which brought governmental and non-governmental stakeholders together. It was the first time that a nationwide campaign was launched for... Continue Reading →

Opportunities @ BAIF – Pune

BAIF PUNE is looking to add 2 staff members, having rural development, CSR -Sustainability and Enterprise promotion type of experience and qualification, to Pune HO team. Interested candidates can send their CVs and application to BAIF HR. ( The job will involve traveling to different states and within Maharashtra apart from Central Coordination of... Continue Reading →

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