Alumni Story: Amita Nizam and Dviti Foundation

Organization Name: Dviti Foundation Dviti, meaning ‘bright light’ hopes to restore the lost light in the sphere of learning, teaching and evaluation. ​ AmitaNizam worked for over two years as a teacher and a teacher trainer with schools in India and the middle east. Her interactions and exposure to primary stakeholders-teachers and students as well... Continue Reading →

Alumni Appeal: Support Children with Developmental Disabilities It has been little long but amazing journey for Me since graduated from an institute run by 'Wayanad Muslim Orphanage', Kerala; went to follow my ambition to be an IAS Officer; graduated from 'Azim Premji University', Bangalore, one of premier institute in the country for developmental studies with full scholarship; joined 'Kudumbashree - National... Continue Reading →

Research for Social Change – 12 Points

Economics in action

My experience, both academic and practical, informs that the research which is aimed at social change should have certain specific characteristics. The purpose of this essay is to highlight these features.

  1. There should be an ideological interest in or commitment to social change

People who are not that exposed to social sciences may presume that almost all social scientists have an interest in social change. This is not at all correct in the current context. There are many people who are against development or a progressive social change. There can be different reasons. Social change has impacts, and some of these are not so desirable such as the environmental damage, and this makes certain soft-hearted people averse to any kind of change. They are somewhat lazy intellectually, to think about (and hence they do not accept) the possibility of bringing about changes by enhancing positive impacts while reducing the negative…

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Researcher @ Manthan

Manthan seeks a researcher for work on water pollution with focus on coal. Manthan is looking for a person passionate about water and environment to work as a researcher. The researcher will work with Manthan mainly on issues related to water pollution with a focus on pollution from coal, within the overall context of water... Continue Reading →


Position Summary The program team at Learning Curve is dedicated to ensuring a process-driven and quality-focused approach to the implementation of Learning Curve’s program in partner schools. This is a critical role that is responsible for end-to-end implementation, including but not limited to co-ordination with the schools, providing development support to teachers and managing relationships... Continue Reading →

Fellowship in Holistic Education @ Bhoomi College

Bhoomi College offers a 1 year fellowship programme in Holistic Education For those who are interested in rethinking education and understanding teaching learning processes that –  Humanise education  Bring an ecological consciousness  Are based on nature’s principles We, at Bhoomi, believe that education needs to have a larger focus than just be exam based and career... Continue Reading →

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