Alumni Meets 2018 @ 15 Locations


NOTA and the Indian Voter

By V R Vachana; Maya Roy (MA Dev, 2013-15). Abstract: This article looks at the use of the “none of the above” option in elections in India from 2013 to 2016 using data from the Election Commission of India to reveal certain patterns of NOTA votes. These patterns signal that Indian voters seem to use... Continue Reading →

Budget 2018: Why Record Harvests, Govt Spending Not Enough For Farmers

First published at: Indian farms produced record harvests in 2017, and the government’s agricultural budget rose 111% over four years to 2017-18. Yet, prices crashed, 8,007 farmers committed suicide in 2015, unpaid agricultural loans rose 20% between 2016 and 2017, and 600 million Indians who depend on agriculture are struggling to get by.   This... Continue Reading →

Forest Guards: The Frontline Conservationists

By Siddhant Nowlakha [APU Alumni - 2012-14] First posted on: Theorising the work environment of forest guards can greatly enrich the governance of protected areas and synthesis between the forest administration and local population. The distressing job conditions at the forest frontlines, the multidimensional relationship between forest guards and locals, and the guards’ own location in... Continue Reading →

Both top down and bottom-up!

Article first posted in here. Monday morning 8 a.m: As I walk towards WCS, a charter school in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania, USA, I see the friendly face of the school leader standing at the gate and shaking hands with every student as they enter and wishing them good morning. A few weeks later, I am... Continue Reading →

Akbar and Rahi Crafts of India

When Akbar (Batch 14-16) approached us with news of his new venture Rahi Crafts of India (RCI) - a platform for handicrafts manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, we thought it was a story worth sharing. Reading through his experiences might inspire other entrepreneurs from the university to follow their passion and dreams. Alumni Team:  What made... Continue Reading →

Not only rains, Mumbai should be blamed for its floods

Article by Dhwani Shah (2014-16 batch) and first published in HardNewsMedia   Mumbai masterminds its floods with its uncontrolled craving for development—by converting floodplains, bottlenecking rivers and reclaiming several hectares of coastal areas The torrential rain that battered Mumbai on September 19 almost made the denizens of the metropolis gasp in horror as they waited to... Continue Reading →

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