March 25th: Karnataka for Employment Youth Convention

The Youth for Employment movement has been working relentlessly for the past one year in demanding secure employment opportunities and we are requesting your support. Although we wish to see political parties contesting elections around issues such as employment, the agricultural crisis, and a comprehensive idea of development, elections continue to be fought along religious... Continue Reading →


Youth Assembly on Feb 18 @ Freedom Park by ‘Karnataka for Employment’

  'Karnataka for Employment' is a youth movement dedicated to finding Secure and Dignified job opportunities for all. According to the present Indian statistics 1.2 crores youth complete their graduation/ stop their studies and enter job market as job seekers. In that most of the people are newly joining to the unemployed army of youth.... Continue Reading →


Please come, contribute and spread #IamGauri #IamGauriWeareallGauri #ForumforresistanceagainsttheassassinationofGauriLankesh #Karnatakacommunalharmonyforumcentralcommittee   Dear companions and friends, The brutal assassination of comrade Gauri Lankesh has brought in pain and anxieties. For 14 years she was central to the Karnataka Communal Harmony Forum and we cannot explain the loss we are facing. The main aim of her assassins were... Continue Reading →

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