Living Utopias |November 14 – 19, 2018 | Odisha

We are happy to announce a short one week residential course titled, “Living Utopias”, in November 2018. The course provides a perspective to understand a) the urgency in combating the crisis of industrialism in the world today and b) the various alternatives in different spheres of a civilisation—ecology/ economy/ politics/ socio-cultural/ education and technology. The... Continue Reading →

Lessons from the Political Change in Malaysia? A View from India

Economics in action

I have written a book narrating a possible story of long-term political transition in different countries in 2014[i], and I have used that framework recently to discuss the political situation in South Africa, Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela here. The recent political developments in Malaysia fit well with the framework of the book. Let me narrate the story and the connection with Malaysian case briefly here.

Let us take the theoretical argument first. Desirable political change requires the mobilization of almost all sections of people (and not only the elites or middle-class). Moreover there should be adequate competition in politics. Each of the competing party/coalition should have a reasonable chance of coming to power. In the absence of such a competitive politics, there can be a number of issues even if the majority is mobilized politically, they participate in elections and governments are elected through formal democracy.


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As Karnataka Nears Elections, State Support Fails To Alleviate Farm Distress

first posted @ Shreehari Paliath [MA 2014-16] Chennamma, 55, works as an agricultural labourer in Nadihal, Yadgir. Her husband, Hanumanthappa, 60, committed suicide this March due to farm debt, part of which was caused by four failed borewells. She is hoping to receive the ex-gratia compensation as soon as the assembly elections are over.... Continue Reading →

What is your MLA supposed to do for you?

first posted @ Akshay Agrawal [MA 2013-15] At a broad level, legislative assemblies and legislative councils together form the legislative body at the state level. As a representational body, it has the mandate to make laws, hold the state executive accountable and sanction public expenditure, just as the Parliament at the central level. As... Continue Reading →

Future of India – Fellowship

The NSUI, the student wing of the Congress Party has launched the "Future of India" Fellowship - a 4-week public policy course for students and young professionals in June. Through this course, we hope to give young people the tools to deconstruct, analyze and understand the politics behind the policies. The Fellowship will focus on... Continue Reading →

NOTA and the Indian Voter

By V R Vachana; Maya Roy (MA Dev, 2013-15). Abstract: This article looks at the use of the “none of the above” option in elections in India from 2013 to 2016 using data from the Election Commission of India to reveal certain patterns of NOTA votes. These patterns signal that Indian voters seem to use... Continue Reading →

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