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Gubbachi’s breakfast program

Children at Gubbachi come undernourished and well below prescribed height and weight standards. There is a high consumption of processed packaged snacks among these children when parents rush off to work early in the morning..Proper nourishment is an essential pre requisite to learning at school. We provide eggs and bananas to children every morning to provide the necessary nutrients and calories.

This project is for one year for the students at our two centres. There are a total of 125 students at our two centres. Help us start the day for them with a healthy, nutritious fare of bananas and eggs.

We are certain that good breakfast will improve the basic health of the students and their interest to come to school. Researches are showing that a good breakfast will considerably improve the focus of students’ learning.

Details are here:


REACHING OUT: Champions of Migrant Children – support for their education at Gubbachi

Greetings from Gubbachi Learning Community​!

We are looking for  ‘champions’ for the cause of the education of ​’out of school ‘ children from migrant labour communities, for Gubbachi Learning Community

In our annual survey of the area last month​,​ we identified 83 ‘out of school’ children (2-14 years) in settlements in a 3 km radius around Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

The gravity of the problem meant we had to expand to a second centre in the Sulikunte Government Primary School in a flash! We are now looking for funds on an urgent basis to cover our basic yearly operational costs for this second centre. The children in most cases come from deprived, backward communities, and are typically are of SC/ST/OBC categories.

Our current year’s numbers from disadvantaged groups are:

  • SC – 68
  • ST – 32
  • OBC – 49

Very briefly, we are a founding team of​ 6, with education in developmental and education studies from Azim Premji University / Bangalore University.

Do visit our links below, to learn more about our programme; and to read about some ‘small significant stories of impact’ on our website, blog, and our Facebook page.

We have been running a bridge program at the Kodathi Government school (Sarjapur Road) since October 2015. This is fully supported by Wipro Cares and other donors. We bridge the learning gaps in children and help mainstream them into the closest Governmen​t school.

​Our attempt has been to instil in them the ability to ‘learn to learn’ (as required for literacy); and find meaning in engaging with schools.

Even in some cases, that were highly unstable, and unable to stay for the entire bridging year, we see parents sending their children back to the village to stay with relatives/in hostels and continue with their education in the local government school. They proactively call us to get help with Transfer Certificates, where applicable, and seek guidance at the time of admissions. Even though the numbers are still small and emerging, these individual cases have been heartening and motivating for us to continue; even while we face challenges everyday.

Below are links to:

A​ ​recently released video on youtube covering the programme at Gubbachi Learning Community. This was sponsored by Azim Premji University of which 5 of us (founders) are alumni of. Please watch us:


We  hope the cause resonates with you and fits into your call for affirmative action. Please connect with us to help the cause.

MAYAHealth – How you can make a difference right NOW!


MAYAHealth that focuses on innovating the delivery of healthcare in rural and semi urban India!

In Chanapatna,Karnataka, where we work,we have identified a number of health issues that are affecting people such as hypertension, diabetes,vision and eye issues, women’s health issues, and nutrition for children is lacking especially  for those <5 years.

When we think about healthcare we fear it, due to heavy costs, lack of information and poor access to much of the services.But at MAYA we believe that without health there is no escape from poverty!

Hence we try and bridge those gaps and bring affordable preventive healthcare to the door steps of families living BPL.

I’d love your support to reach out to 6000 such families in our community who could use your help.We have launched our online crowdfunding campaign on Global Giving to mobilize 20,000$ in 5 weeks (29th Nov-31st Dec) to support the families.

Here is the link below to support and champion our cause with your close networks, especially those in the United States as this platform allows for US Tax exemptions as well!!! 🙂

For more information you can get in touch with |

Follow our FB page for regular updates

More info on the campaign – [ gg_maya_call-to-action-mailer-2016 ] [ gg_maya_campaigninfo ]

Community Library initiative in rural Rajasthan

I am Adithi Manohar (MAE14003) and was in the batch that recently graduated (2014-16). I now work with the School for Democracy in Rajasthan, which is an organisation started by the same people who founded Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghatan (MKSS).
The School for Democracy(SFD)-Loktantrashala  is a non-formal educational institution dedicated to promoting and deepening democratic education and learning in India. It is conceived as a space that will enable eclectic groups of adult learners from diverse social and educational backgrounds to learn about the theory and practice of a functioning democracy in the context of the Constitution of India. The school undertakes varied activities including trainings, workshops, lectures, cultural events, public assemblies, exhibitions as an attempt to facilitate and promote democratic understanding and awareness.The founding members were: Jean Dreze, Aruna Roy, Nikhil Dey, Chunni Singh, Lal Singh, Shankar Singh, Sushila, who were joined by many others from within and outside the geographical area and realms of work.
We are initiating a Community Library Program wherein libraries will be opened in villages across Bhilwara and rajsamand district of Rajasthan. The people residing in these villages , especially the children often have little to no access to quality reading material and learning. they also live in very harsh conditions, and thus we wish for these space to be one where they have a variety of materials to engage with and they associate it with happiness and learning.
The alumni association is an ideal space for us to spread word as there maybe individuals working with organisations or people who support such initiatives. We would be grateful if you could spread the word and support us in your own special ways.
Please find attached a concept letter of the Community Library Program.

Transforming Cities Into Learning Landscapes

Cities can create outside-the-classroom learning opportunities for low-income children by encouraging communities to reimage everyday locations in their neighborhoods as places for playful learning.

By Kathy Hirsh-Pasek & Roberta Michnick Golinkoff

What if a bench were not just a bench? What if instead, it had puzzles on the back that could be arranged and rearranged to produce three separate pictures? Or if that bench became a scale that could measure the difference in weight when two people sat on it instead of one? Or if it had boards designed to flip back and forth at 2-inch intervals, so that we could measure the length of a leg, or a shoe. What if…. (more…)