MAYAHealth – How you can make a difference right NOW!


MAYAHealth that focuses on innovating the delivery of healthcare in rural and semi urban India!

In Chanapatna,Karnataka, where we work,we have identified a number of health issues that are affecting people such as hypertension, diabetes,vision and eye issues, women’s health issues, and nutrition for children is lacking especially  for those <5 years.

When we think about healthcare we fear it, due to heavy costs, lack of information and poor access to much of the services.But at MAYA we believe that without health there is no escape from poverty!

Hence we try and bridge those gaps and bring affordable preventive healthcare to the door steps of families living BPL.

I’d love your support to reach out to 6000 such families in our community who could use your help.We have launched our online crowdfunding campaign on Global Giving to mobilize 20,000$ in 5 weeks (29th Nov-31st Dec) to support the families.

Here is the link below to support and champion our cause with your close networks, especially those in the United States as this platform allows for US Tax exemptions as well!!! 🙂

For more information you can get in touch with |

Follow our FB page for regular updates

More info on the campaign – [ gg_maya_call-to-action-mailer-2016 ] [ gg_maya_campaigninfo ]

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