REACHING OUT: Champions of Migrant Children – support for their education at Gubbachi

Greetings from Gubbachi Learning Community​!

We are looking for  ‘champions’ for the cause of the education of ​’out of school ‘ children from migrant labour communities, for Gubbachi Learning Community

In our annual survey of the area last month​,​ we identified 83 ‘out of school’ children (2-14 years) in settlements in a 3 km radius around Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

The gravity of the problem meant we had to expand to a second centre in the Sulikunte Government Primary School in a flash! We are now looking for funds on an urgent basis to cover our basic yearly operational costs for this second centre. The children in most cases come from deprived, backward communities, and are typically are of SC/ST/OBC categories.

Our current year’s numbers from disadvantaged groups are:

  • SC – 68
  • ST – 32
  • OBC – 49

Very briefly, we are a founding team of​ 6, with education in developmental and education studies from Azim Premji University / Bangalore University.

Do visit our links below, to learn more about our programme; and to read about some ‘small significant stories of impact’ on our website, blog, and our Facebook page.

We have been running a bridge program at the Kodathi Government school (Sarjapur Road) since October 2015. This is fully supported by Wipro Cares and other donors. We bridge the learning gaps in children and help mainstream them into the closest Governmen​t school.

​Our attempt has been to instil in them the ability to ‘learn to learn’ (as required for literacy); and find meaning in engaging with schools.

Even in some cases, that were highly unstable, and unable to stay for the entire bridging year, we see parents sending their children back to the village to stay with relatives/in hostels and continue with their education in the local government school. They proactively call us to get help with Transfer Certificates, where applicable, and seek guidance at the time of admissions. Even though the numbers are still small and emerging, these individual cases have been heartening and motivating for us to continue; even while we face challenges everyday.

Below are links to:

A​ ​recently released video on youtube covering the programme at Gubbachi Learning Community. This was sponsored by Azim Premji University of which 5 of us (founders) are alumni of. Please watch us:


We  hope the cause resonates with you and fits into your call for affirmative action. Please connect with us to help the cause.

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