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Explore the “Fabric of Life”

Take a peek into the lives of the weavers through a short video scripted and directed by the weavers of Kutch, Gujarat, a photo story via images clicked by the weavers themselves, followed by a discussion with Pallavi Gaur who facilitated this project. The discussion will be mediated by Benson Isaac, a professor of Azim Premji University and Pallavi’s mentor on this project. There will be some weaving patterns on display, come join us to know the story behind them.

Event 1: 
When: 26th April 2016, 7:00PM
Where: Paradigm Shift, #8, 80 Feet Road, 4th Block Koramangala, Near Sony World Signal
Duration: 60minutes
Contact: 9741188993


Event 2: 
When: 03rd May 2016, 6:45PM
Where: NUMA, 6th Floor, 46/1, Church Street, Opposite Hotel Empire
Duration: 60minutes
Contact: 9741188993



Rename ministry of defence to ministry of war

 – Vivek Mishra (M A Development, 2013-15)

The rate at which countries manufacture and purchase arms is an honest attempt to ensure that we have everything but peace.

The article was first posted on Dailyo.

It is interesting to observe that all countries in the world have a ministry of defence, whose prime objective is to defend/protect its citizens from external security threats and in maintaining the sovereignty of its home country.

The question which baffles me is that if every country is defending, then who is attacking and if any country is attacking then why does it have a “ministry of defence” and not a “ministry of war”?

When does war becomes defence is an interesting moral question to ask in today’s world of perpetual warfare, sometimes in the name of war against dictatorship and sometimes in the name of war against terrorism. (more…)

In Pursuit of Justice || A Journey through Three Developmental Clinics


Date: April 23, 2016 (Saturday) and April 24, 2016 (Sunday); Time: 11.00am – 6.30pm

Venue: Vismaya Gallery, Rangoli Metro Art Center Boulevard, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bengaluru – 560 001

The Law and Governance Clinics at Azim Premji University, Bangalore are hosting a 2-day Clinic Exhibition entitled ‘In Pursuit of Justice’


Gubbachi – A Community of Learners

Gubbachi Learning Community was established by APU Alumni in mid-2015 to (i) enable the educational inclusion of the disadvantaged out of school children, typically from migrant and deprived families, in collaboration with the public education system (ii) facilitate empowerment of the family and community in which the children are located and (iii) through evidence and engagement, influence policies and practices among key stakeholders (e.g. construction companies, contracting middlemen, education system, other social safety providers – health, child and women welfare, and so on) to adopt humane and inclusive approaches to issues of education and development of labour.


Morning Stories                                                                        – Preethy (M A Education, 2012-14)

At Gubbachi, every morning starts in a circle –teachers and students share and reconnect sitting in a circle. This is a time when we get a glimpse of the children’s lives and hear about the many real and make believe moments (sometimes hard to tell apart) that make up their eventful childhoods.

Here is a bagful of anecdotes that we have heard :

  • Shashikant was once married to a stone by his sister during play. Another time, attempts were made to marry Shashikant to a dog, but when it was time to tie the ‘tali’ the dog ran away (at the altar)! (Playing ‘marriage’ is common. ‘Marrying’ means tying a make believe ‘tali’ (mangalsutra) made out of any old string and a piece of turmeric tied to it.)

<read more> (more…)

Experience Sharing – Aditya Verghese (M.A. Development, 2013-15)


After graduating from the Azim Premji University with a Masters in Development, my education in the field continues. The classes and faculty have been replaced by the field and colleagues who have spent years working here. Ideas such as poverty and marginalization have concrete dimensions here, the implications of both have become abundantly clear in my mind. (more…)

Experience Sharing – Meekha (MA Development, 2011-13)


On completing MA in Development from Azim Premji University, I joined Kudumbashree in Kerala. Kudumbashree is a women movement. It is also the State Poverty Eradication Mission of Kerala. Today, Kudumbashree has been recognized as a National Resource Organization and provides support to other states who are interested to replicate some of their best practices. (more…)

An activity of Litmus paper test  

School: UPS Mora, Mori, Uttarkashi Zafar

As we (me and my colleague) had planned to meet science teacher of this school and to conduct an activity of showing acidic and basic nature of substances of daily use, by Litmus paper test. I tried to inform the teacher for our visit but unfortunately on all three times I called, a mechanical voice replied “The number you are trying is either switched off or out of coverage area, please try again later”. Anyway, we decided to visit school and perform activity with students and left for Mora from Mori, hanging on the back-rods of a vehicle, like stuntmen.

About the Village
Above on the hill beside the river “Tauns”, full of green fields, a village called “Mora” comes while moving some 7 to 8 Km from the remotest block Mori of district Uttarkashi, on the Purola-Tyuni road. Village community looks prosperous as many have agricultural fields and some have given their lands to a company of Rafting, known as In-Me. some, who are not very well enough, work with the company and in other occupations.
By going from the fields towards Mora Primary & upper primary school, there are chances of encountering with snakes, as this area is near to Thadiyar which people say is famous for snakes. Anyway I have neither met snakes there, nor do I want to.