Why is leadership transition a challenge for NGOs?

Funders need to support overhead costs to build strong, stable and scalable NGOs, NGO founders need to start planning their succession first posted on https://www.livemint.com/Opinion/7AWtGlZFORjOv0TIFqmMJM/Why-is-leadership-transition-a-challenge-for-NGOs.html Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint My father was among those Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers who were deeply involved with what today we call the social sector, civil society or the non-governmental... Continue Reading →

‘NSRCEL Social’ – Incubating Change-Makers

NSRCEL Social Incubating ChangeMakers NSRCEL has been a centre of entrepreneurial excellence at IIM Bangalore incubating, supporting and seeding commercial ventures since 2002. We have touched over 15000 entrepreneurs over the years, actively incubating 67 ventures that have created over 4500 jobs and cumulatively stand at a billion dollar valuation in 2016. ‘NSRCEL Social’ plans to... Continue Reading →

NASSCOM Foundation’s BigTech program

About Nasscom Foundation Big Tech program : NASSCOM Foundation's BigTech program endeavours to build the capacities of the non profit sector. NGOs, Non-profits and trusts in India can now receive the latest in technology as donations thereby conserving & diverting their budgets for other better use! Empowering NGOs with latest Technology through BigTech. Current Donor... Continue Reading →

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