Creative Language Development Among Tribal Children: Lessons from Agragamee’s CLDE Project

By: Indira Vijaysimha first posted @ 1. The Context According to the 2013 ASER report1, Rayagada (Odisha), a district with a high ratio of tribal population, was ranked a low 25th out of 30 districts in terms of the percentage of children in class I and II who could read letters, words or more.... Continue Reading →


Workshop on Adivasi Leaders

Revisiting the Question of Political Consciousness: Legacy of Adivasi/Tribal Leaders in India The political articulation of indigenous peoples’ movements at the international level followed by the second world-war in general and colonial/post-colonial experiences of tribal/adivasi in particular inaugurated a discussion on indigenous peoples. Globally, these articulations were often found in the form of literature that... Continue Reading →

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