Azim Premji University


Regardless of when and what you studied, or what you’re doing currently, you are a member of this community. Welcome to the Azim Premji University Alumni Association.  

The Alumni Association aims to increase the connection alumni have with the University and provide opportunities to allow alumni to strengthen their bond with each other and with the University. We therefore encourage you to take full advantage of the events and platforms that the Alumni Association sponsors and supports. Some of these are listed here:

  1. Alumni Database : We maintain a database of all students. We request you to share/update your contact details, information on your location and some details of the work you are currently engaged with. These details are used for us to plan Alumni meets, build peer group connections and reach out when we have programmes at your location. This also helps us to connect you with faculty and current students who you can support. Please update your details here using the google form.
  2. Alumni Website : This is the main platform where you can share and communicate with the alumni community. The website has sections for articles/reflections by Alumni, job opportunities, and updates on events and workshops. The website is run and maintained by the Alumni Office.
  3. Facebook group : We encourage alumni to join the Azim Premji University Alumni group. This is a great informal platform for you to keep in touch with old classmates, and share news. This is run and managed by alumni.
  4. LinkedIn group : We encourage alumni to join the Azim Premji University Alumni group. This is a great professional platform for you to learn about upcoming events, post updates/articles, etc. This is run and managed by alumni.
  5. WhatsApp groups: Some cities have a WhatsApp group run and managed by alumni. To know if your location has one please check this list. To join the group email the anchor from your university id with your batch and phone number. You will be added after the volunteers have checked your credentials.
  6. Conversations with Alumni. The Alumni Office regularly organises meets in cities. You will hear from us regarding these and they are wonderful opportunities to meet alumni and professors.
  7. Course and Library access. You can still access current courses and the wonderful library. Details to go about it are here.

For any queries or feedback, please write to: