‘Quality Schooling for All’ in the Remote Parts of the World

Challenges as evident from Amazonia (Brazil) and Borneo (Indonesia) By: V Santhakumar first posted on http://practiceconnect.azimpremjiuniversity.edu.in/2018/08/06/quality-schooling-for-all-in-the-remote-parts-of-the-world/ 1. Introduction It is well-known that education has a two-way linkage with the life of people in any social context. It is expected to contribute to the various economic, cultural and political aspects of life. At the same time,... Continue Reading →


The reversal of no-detention policy is regressive

Anurag Behar first posted at - https://www.livemint.com/Opinion/ONLzhLd6ft9An6oMwoeD4N/The-reversal-of-nodetention-policy-is-regressive.html He smelt of failure. He was 12 years old and sat in a corner at the back. The maths teacher would slap him every day. Dread would grip us from before the maths class, but he seemed inured to the pain and humiliation. The smell was familiar from... Continue Reading →

Public Lecture on ‘Five Degrees of Variation at Nalanda’ at NIAS, Bangalore

National Institute of Advanced Studies Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bengaluru 560 012  Invites you to a PUBLIC LECTURE on  ‘Five Degrees of Variation at Nalanda’ by M.B.Rajani Assistant Professor, School of Humanities, NIAS & Viraj Kumar Visiting Professor, Divecha Centre for Climate Change, IISc Chairperson: Dr. Srikumar Menon, NIAS Monday, 13th August, 2018 4:00... Continue Reading →

Why do we deny sex to Priests, Bishops, Nuns, and Gurus?

Economics in action

My home state – Kerala – is brimming with sex scandals in the church. A bishop and a number of priests are alleged to have sexually exploited women including nuns. Some of them seem to have used `confessions’ before the priest to blackmail a woman to get sexual favors. The head of a Hindu sect has died in Karnataka recently and there are stories of his (confessions of) secret relationships with women. A couple of Gurus are in jail in India for one or other rape or sexual harassment case. Catholic Church all over the world is troubled by the allegations of pedophilia.

We need to understand the clandestine sexual relationships of these `divine’ intermediaries. As a liberal like many readers of this blog, I do view sex as one of the basic human and biological need. However, these divine intermediaries – let us call them DI for simplicity –…

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Living Utopias |November 14 – 19, 2018 | Odisha

We are happy to announce a short one week residential course titled, “Living Utopias”, in November 2018. The course provides a perspective to understand a) the urgency in combating the crisis of industrialism in the world today and b) the various alternatives in different spheres of a civilisation—ecology/ economy/ politics/ socio-cultural/ education and technology. The... Continue Reading →

Reporting Fellowship on Land Governance

Land Conflict Watch--an award winning data-journalism project--is offering fellowship to journalists who could report in-depth, investigative and narrative stories at the intersection of land rights, land conflicts, politics, economy, class, gender and the environment. The journalist will be based in New Delhi but will travel frequently across India to report these stories. The stories will... Continue Reading →

Openings at Kaushal Bhaav

We are looking for two positions a) Placement Officer b) Counsellor A) Placement Officer -Position Vacant: Placement Officer. Location: Jaipur Key Tasks and Responsibilities: Work closely with Project Head to ensure employment & job creation of Junior Heritage Mistris To ensure pre-placement counselling during training To ensure & develop work inventory for 240 days To... Continue Reading →

Program Specialist (Training and Counselling) @ TechnoServe

TechnoServe India’s Youth Employability Program Title: Program Specialist (Training and Counselling) Reporting Supervisor: Senior Project Manager Location: Mumbai, India Joining by 1 Sept 2018 What you are signing up for TechnoServe (www.technoserve.org) is actively scaling-up up our Youth Employability Program team that works passionately towards tackling the ever-growing skill gap challenge faced by youth in... Continue Reading →

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