Why we need too many TLM in school

-Shweta Joshi [MAD 2016] Learning resources plays an important role in transecting the knowledge in more childcentric way. After joining the APF, I came across the word TLM. In one of myinitial school visit, first time I see that they were available in school, butnot used in classroom. Gradually as I got engaged with the... Continue Reading →

My experience of Constitution Day…

 -SHEIKH KHURSHID ALAM [LLM 2017-19] Soonafter transacting my lesson plan on ‘Human rights’ with class VII, I was seatedin the staffroom when the headmaster (HM) turned to me and said, “आलमसर, आज संविधान दिवस मनाना है, कुछ सुझाव  दीजिये”. I just asked him how did they celebrate the constitution day the previous year.He replied saying... Continue Reading →

Updates from Sanstuti Foundation

Program wise Updates 1- School Ke Sath Hum: (Quality Support Program) We are continuously supporting to school to enhance the activities. Teachers are taking initiatives in the activities. We have done some of below tasks. A- Drawing Competition "Kala Ke Rang, Tyoharon Ke Sang" B- Celebrated Children's Day C- Plantation D- School Ground got cemented... Continue Reading →

Stop Giving Licence To The ‘Good Guys’ To Get Away With Assaulting Women

Shailendra Rai [2015-17] first posted @ https://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2018/10/me-too-movement-a-way-forward/ Patriarchy is a well-played game, and I’m the winner of this game just like many other men. I’m saying this because it’s the patriarchy which has made me privileged and powerful – to the point that I can narrate one of my sisters’ story instead of her. Because patriarchy... Continue Reading →

सुशिक्षित तरुण-तरुणींना नोकरी का मिळत नाही?

- गणेश पोळ [MA Dev 2015-17] first posted @ https://www.bbc.com/marathi/india-45685280 तलाठी, कारकून किंवा पोलीस काँस्टेबल पदासाठी MBA, Ph.D, इंजिनिअरसारख्या पदवीधारकांचे अर्ज आलेल्या बातम्या तुम्ही कधीतरी वाचल्या असतीलच. तुमच्या आजूबाजूलाही असे अनेक तरुण, तरुणी असतील की ज्यांच्याकडे पदवी तर आहे पण नोकरी नाही. याचं कारण काय असावं? गेल्या 2-3 दशकांत देशाची आर्थिक प्रगती झपाट्यानं झाली, पण... Continue Reading →

We Won In Court, But Is Indian Society Ready To Accept The LGBTQ Community?

First published here: https://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2018/09/long-way-to-go/ Shailendra Rai We have definitely won one of the most difficult battles which was decriminalisation of homosexuality, but is this enough? A historic verdict is, of course, a very significant move, but no, this just isn’t enough. There are even more challenging and difficult paths ahead. Our Constitution ensures equal rights, freedom,... Continue Reading →

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