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An encounter with Foucault’s thought

– Zafar (M A Development, 2011-13)

It was August 2011, I was in Mumbai and watched new released Body-guard movie there, enjoyed with old friends and had good non-veg food. But one thing was creating trouble to me and that was my first Assignment which was on Foucault’s reading Truth and Power and a reading of Steven Lukes on power. These reading were given to all of us by our faculties of political philosophy, Sudhir Krishnaswamy, Sailen and Vikas Kumar. It was a crucial subject for everyone, I don’t know if it was because of content or because of faculties ;). I reached Bangalore on the day of the assignment’s deadline. Just one thing was in my mind to finish that 1000 words’ essay in just one night. The topic was Does Lukes’ three dimensions of power anticipates Foucault’s concept of disciplinary power? For me, this subject (political philosophy), economics and sociology, every subject was creating trouble. I first heard names Foucault, Lukes etc., in those days only. And then reading “Truth and Power” and writing assignment on it was really a challenge and more than that the Mumbai visit’s enjoy at crucial time, these all were factors which influenced me or enhanced me to read Foucault’s “Truth and Power” and Lukes’ view on power, in one night and also to write 1000 words on it. (more…)