Exploring Sustainability in the Indian Context – Online Course

Rapid and widespread environmental, economic and social changes have led to urgent global questions of sustainability. Concerns of sustainability in developing countries like India can be very different than that of industrialised countries. In developing countries, equity and social justice are central to addressing sustainability, along with environmental concerns. This interdisciplinary, multi-instructor course provides an... Continue Reading →

The `Wonderful’ Side of Indian Caste System

Economics in action

I am, like many other liberals in India, a critic of its caste system. In my view, it continues to play a debilitating role in the development of the country. It works against `schooling for all’ in two ways. First, the mindset of the upper caste (which has been indifferent to the needs of the majority, intentionally or unintentionally) has shaped the policies of education in the country since its independence. Secondly, those who have been marginalized historically from formal education through the caste system are yet to participate fully in schooling – by being in school regularly and learning adequately.  The urge to restrict sexual and marital relationships within the caste works against the mobility of single girls and this could be a major factor against their participation in paid employment.

Though there are these disabling features, there must be certain important benefits from this mechanism, to some powerful…

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By John Kurien (Formerly with the Marianad Cooperative and Retired Professor, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum) On 21th June 2017, members of the fishing village of Marianad, Trivandrum District in Kerala State, celebrated the birth centenary of Rt. Rev. Dr. Peter Bernard Pereira. He was the first Indian bishop of the Latin Catholic Diocese of... Continue Reading →

Need `Schooling for All’ – But Indian Middle-Class is not convinced

Economics in action

I got an opportunity to interact with a set of undergraduate students when Shashank, a colleague in the university, invited me to take a guest lecture in his course on `school and society’. The theme was `why quality schooling for all’. In order to use the lecture time for a Q&A session, I have sent a short note to students beforehand, with 10 reasons/propositions.

  1. There is a connection between lack of education and poverty

Households with a higher level of education are less likely to be poor. This is valid in India too. Poverty among the illiterate Tribal households was about 57 percent when that among the same group with primary schooling was only 20 (Thorat, 2010). There is a similar situation among lower castes too.

  1. Those who have some schooling gets higher incomes even in the rural areas of India

A person with secondary education is nearly 2.3 times…

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Early Literacy Project Officer @ Pragat Shikshan Sanstha

Nurturing Early Literacy in Primary Schools in Phaltan Block project PRAGAT SHIKSHAN SANTHA, PHALTAN (www.pragatshikshansanstha.org/) AIM OF THE PROJECT Improving children’s reading and writing by Capacity building of teachers with use of technology resulting in system strengthening in Phaltan Taluka to evolve a sustainable model for a large scale implementation. AREA The project is ongoing... Continue Reading →

Openings at Mentor Together

No. Position Title City/cities the position is currently Active No.of vacancies 1 Program Manager Mumbai, Pune, & Chennai 1 2 Program Co-ordinator Mumbai & Chennai 1 3 Mentee Manager Delhi 1 4 Mentee Coordinator Mumbai & Pune 1 5 Junior Program Manager Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, & Bangalore 1

Orientation Course on Labour Migration-Perspectives and Practice

Orientation Course on Labour Migration– Perspectives and Practice The Center for Migration and Labour Solutions (Aajeevika Bureau) and the Centre for Development Practice and Research (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Patna) are proud to announce the fourth round of the Orientation Course on Labour Migration—Perspectives and Practice.The Course aims to provide a learning platform for... Continue Reading →

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