Programmes at Sambhaavnaa Institute

Sambhaavnaa Institute is organising three programs this November-December that may be of interest for individuals in social organisations/movements/campaigns, as well as youth who are interested to learn about social change. To Read more or Apply click here 19th to 23rd November: Buland Iraade: A Journey of Discovery and Self-Reflection. Program Objectives: Understand concepts including power, gender, patriarchy... Continue Reading →

3 Day Certificate Course in Public Policy | 10-12 August

 Centre for Civil Society (CCS) is hosting its flagship 3 day introductory course in Public Policy in Mount Carmel Bangalore from 10-12 August 2018. The applications are open for students from other colleges and organizations as well. As you know the course covers comparative institutional analysis, public choice economics, new public management and an overview of the policy-making landscape in... Continue Reading →

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