Opportunities @ Enfold Proactive Health Trust

Enfold is expanding rapidly in its field of work – prevention of gender-based violence and rehabilitation of children, adults and families reporting sexual violence. To make the transition from a small organization into a bigger one which is empowering and graceful, we need dedicated, competent and experienced team members. We have specific requirements for the below positions:

1. Head, Operations and Personnel: An experienced professional who can manage Enfold’s core operations including the following:

  • Support the Prevention and Rehabilitation teams in executing their goals
  • Handle office management and operations
  • Proactively look after the needs and growth of our faculty, facilitators and staff.
  • Manage relationships and contracts with different agencies and institutions.
  • Support growth of Enfold’s financial and other resources.

Few qualities and skills to fit this role are:

  • Ability to make empathetic and empowering interpersonal connections
  • Being straightforward, respectful and honest with people.
  • Being systematic and organized
  • Having respect for time and processes
  • Being focused, as well as with a wide perspective
  • Being comfortable with and competent in utilizing technology
  • Ability to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with agencies and institutions.

2. Coordinator, School Programs: A person who can:

  • Support and grow Enfold’s preventive work in educational institutions, mainly schools.
  • Coordinate with agencies that support Enfold’s preventive work with children from less privileged socioeconomic background.

Few qualities and skills to fit this role are:

  • Background in sales Self motivated, outgoing, confident, assertive, yet respectful.
  • Flexible, able to adapt and accommodate different requirements.
  • Systematic and organized, with ability to take a job to completion and do the required follow-up.
  • Develop and maintain meaningful relationships with agencies and institutions.
  • Competency with Excel, report writing, good communication skills
  • Knowledge of Kannada language will be an advantage.

Kindly forward this note to those who may be interested in taking on these roles and have the required qualities and capabilities.

Those interested in joining Enfold in either of these two capacities, may please send an email detailing their interest, experience and expertise. Please include a note on why you would like to work in the not-for-profit sector, and specifically in the area of Enfold’s work.

Please send your mail to Info@enfoldindia.org

We aim to have the first round of interviews on 22nd Sept 2018.

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