International Relations Conference at National Law School, Bangalore

Faculty and students of National Law School, Bengaluru propose to organise a Conference on the problems in and the possibility of strengthening the voice of the Global South in International Relations.

The questions/ themes around which the organisers wish to discuss the topic tentatively are as follows.

  • Does the Global South emulate Global North in its foreign policy choices? Does it have to?
  • Are models of foreign policy analysis North-centric?
  • Even if the South replicates instruments (such as trade, diplomacy etc.) of foreign policy established by the North, does it pursue its goals through these instruments differently?
  • Making of a shared foreign policy of Global South. Is it possible? What are the possible challenges to the same?
  • Analysing the reasons for lack of theorization on issues of Global South.
  • Can there be a Global South approach to International Relations?
  • Role of the academia in the articulating a theory of the Global South.
  • Reconstructing the responses of the South in a North dominated World.

Structure of the Conference

Session 1:

Participative panel discussion to come up with a cogent theory of Global South.

Session 2:

Group problem solving sessions building on the experiences from the Global South to come up with sound foreign policy recommendations.

We hope for an enthusiastic response from you and eagerly await your active participation. For more details, please reach out to Simranjit Singh


Global South Conference (A Student-led initiative under the guidance of Professor Chetan B. Singai, MA & M.Phil),

National Law School of India University,Bangalore, Karnataka,India




Please feel free to write to them directly.


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