Azim Premji University Alumni Portal is here!

Find out more about your peers’ current location, workplace, who tied the knot and who’s a parent now while rekindling your connection with the community! With the objective of creating an engaged and supportive alumni network, Azim Premji University launches a dedicated Alumni Portal! Log in now and take the initial step in building your... Continue Reading →

Project Manager @ Grameena Vikas Kendram

Grameena Vikas Kendram, is a hybrid organization working for sustainable development causes and our focus areas are agriculture, climate change and livelihoods. We are presently based in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. Our vision is building sustainable communities and we believe in market-driven development models to create a tangible and lasting impact on the ground. One of... Continue Reading →

What is the use of an academic conference these days?

Economics in action

Academic conferences have become one of the fraudulent activities these days. One gets a message almost every day about a conference on `everything under the sun’, with offers such as the publication of papers in `peer reviewed’ or `recognized’ journals. There must be a higher demand for such conferences by those who want to fill up their CVs with a long list of `conferences attended’ and to have a possible publication `fixed’ by the conference organizers. This conference business is like the other fraud industry emerging or thriving in academics, and that is the writing of PhD thesis for others. All the formal requirements for the entry to and promotions in academic professions (like the UGC performance appraisal systems) have enhanced the demand for such conferences and the profitability of the `suppliers’.

One can see big advertisements by private universities which organize a conference on one or other theme by…

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Why we need too many TLM in school

-Shweta Joshi [MAD 2016] Learning resources plays an important role in transecting the knowledge in more childcentric way. After joining the APF, I came across the word TLM. In one of myinitial school visit, first time I see that they were available in school, butnot used in classroom. Gradually as I got engaged with the... Continue Reading →

Postgraduate Programmes 2019

Greetings from Azim Premji University! We are inviting applications for the Postgraduate Programmes 2019. Graduates from any discipline (including students graduating in 2019) are encouraged to apply. Applicants with work experience will be given additional weightage in the selection process. ·         M.A. Education ·         M.A. Development ·         M.A. Public Policy and Governance Our key mission... Continue Reading →

Transforming India Initiative for entrepreneurs

Supported by NITI Aayog's Atal Innovation Mission and Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), Transforming India Initiative is a unique two-year programme for individuals who aspire to become entrepreneurs for a cause. The uniquely designed curriculum for the two years emphasises on: Self-Transformation, Entrepreneurial Skills, Entrepreneurial Mindsets, and Enterprise Excellence. The programme is designed to... Continue Reading →

My experience of Constitution Day…

 -SHEIKH KHURSHID ALAM [LLM 2017-19] Soonafter transacting my lesson plan on ‘Human rights’ with class VII, I was seatedin the staffroom when the headmaster (HM) turned to me and said, “आलमसर, आज संविधान दिवस मनाना है, कुछ सुझाव  दीजिये”. I just asked him how did they celebrate the constitution day the previous year.He replied saying... Continue Reading →

Head – Administration @ School in Chickballapur

Designation: Head - Administration (Full-time) Applicants are expected to manage the overall operations of the school including infrastructure management, transport, planning for various activities, staffing, safety and security and also oversee fiscal management. Self-driven male candidates under 45 years of age, having effective communication and computer skills and who are also willing to relocate only... Continue Reading →

India’s Dangerous New Curriculum

first posted @ From the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, the Mughal Empire did much to create modern-day India. It consolidated the country into a sovereign political unit, established a secular tradition in law and administration, and built monuments such as the Taj Mahal. The Mughals were originally from Uzbekistan, but over time they... Continue Reading →

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