A 2 day conference organized by Godrej India Culture Lab


Date  : 30 JUNE 2017 & 1 JULY 2017

The Godrej India Culture Lab is proud to present We the Nation: Micro-narratives of Change  – a two day conference that showcases incredible organizations who are innovatively archiving, reporting and commenting on the changes taking place in contemporary Indian society. Their stories do not find space on the front pages of most national newspapers or talk time on the 9 pm news panels, nor do they fit the popular simplistic narrative about India as a global superpower on the rise.

However, the creators of these narratives are using creative communication technologies to present complex realities, and are finding new audiences and thriving.

On June 30, we will have a presentation by P Sainath, celebrated author and journalist on why it is vital to talk about rural India and the work he has been doing through People’s Archive of Rural India (PARI).

The second day will have various organisations coming together on panel discussions, talks, video showcases, exhibitions and more. These organisations include Video Volunteers, who empower marginalised people to tell their stories, Digital Desh Drive, an annual report that explores how non-metros are using the internet; Khabar Lahariya, a newspaper from Bundelkhand run by women, Sangham Radio, the first all-women community radio in Asia, Sanatkada Samajik Pehel, that trains Muslim women in photography and video making and CGNet Swara, a voice-based portal that allows anyone to report and listen to local stories that are moderated by journalists.


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