Research Associate Position in Bengaluru


Habitat Forum (INHAF), a non-profit society set up in 1999, serves as a national level ‘synergy’ platform for NGOs, individuals, groups and agencies to exchange information, share learning, debate, plan joint action, advocate  causes, represent concerns, undertake capacity building, and network on issues shaping urban and rural development. INHAF deliberates on policies, programmes, projects, investments, and institutional arrangements that shape urban and rural settlements, within the framework of inclusivity, equity, disaster resilience, and sustainability. INHAF’s experience lies in advocacy and capacity building activities in the areas of housing, policy, and inclusive development focusing on issues of quality of life, livelihoods and poverty.


Environics Trust is a non-governmental organization (NGO) working in Delhi, India. Established in the year 2003, Environics Trust works in several areas including advocacy and research, art and culture, disaster management, eco-tourism, education and literacy, environment and natural resource management, information and communication technology (ICT) , land resources, micro small and medium enterprises, new and renewable energy, right to information and advocacy, science and technology, scientific and industrial research, tribal welfare, urban development and poverty alleviation, vocational training, water and sanitation, and womens’ development and empowerment. The NGO works towards the promotion of sustainable development.


POSITION: Research Associate (contract basis)

NUMBER: Up to two positions

QUALIFICATIONS (any of the following):

The candidate must have some background in urban development issues and/or corporate governance and must have the following qualifications / experience:

 Masters in urban studies /urban planning/ sociology / social work or related fields,
 MBA with research and writing experience
 Bachelors in urban studies /urban planning/ sociology / social work or related fields, with at least two years of research and writing experience
 Journalism degree with at least two years of research and writing experience

The candidate must have knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods, excellent writing and communication skills in English, interviewing skills, and skills for conducting workshops.

DURATION: Minimum 6 months and may extend up to one year (starting June 2017)

EXPECTED WORKING HOURS: 32 to 48 hours a week (4 to 6 days a week). Candidate may be required to visit sites, conduct interviews, and organize workshops. Candidate may have to work occasionally on weekends.

LOCATION: Only Bangalore based applicants may apply. Chosen candidate will be expected to coordinate with the project team members on a regular basis to ensure delivery of mutually decided products.

SALARY: Remuneration is based on experience and delivery of concerned reports / works that are mutually decided by the team leader and research associate.

CONTACT: To apply, send your resume and a brief write-up on your work experience to: OR

Aim of the initiative:
To understand the spending pattern and implementation process of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities broadly at a national level and specifically in selected cases to identify problems faced by participating actors, develop analytical methods and tools for good practice models, and to advocate for leveraging the potential CSR funds to address on-ground issues effectively while strengthening the role and capacity of NGOs as intermediaries.

Scope of work:
To study and assess the spending pattern of CSR activities broadly at the national level and analyse specific cases in Bengaluru and Karnataka in two sectors i) Real Estate and Construction, and ii) Information Technology (IT) and IT Services.

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