Campus Placement for 2017 – 19 batch | Azim Premji University

This is to share with you all that we have finalized the Campus placement calendar for year 2019. Students from all four Masters Programs will sit for the placement process: M.A. Development, M.A. Education, M.A. Public Policy and Governance and LL.M. in Law and development. The batch is graduating by May 2019 and has a mix of experienced students as well as fresher

Like every year, we would request you to share this with the organization you are currently working in and/or with your network. Campus placement dates are spread from January 18 – February 16, 2019 as we use weekends for organizations to come and conduct interviews

Interested recruiters can share details through this Placement Form for Recruiters

The placement brochure with student profiles is attached. I am looking forward to hear from you and hope to see some of you in campus as part of the recruitment teams. Kindly write back at for any queries

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