Researcher @ Manthan

Manthan seeks a researcher for work on water pollution with focus on coal.

Manthan is looking for a person passionate about water and environment to work as a researcher. The researcher will work with Manthan mainly on issues related to water pollution with a focus on pollution from coal, within the overall context of water policies and programs of the country.

The work will be analytical in nature, based on documents, data and detailed interactions with groups and communities in the field. Advocacy, dissemination and discourse building are as an integral part of the work.

Interest and commitment are the most important qualifiers for the position. The person should be committed to principles and values of just, equitable and sustainable development.

A basic familiarity with issues in water, development and environment is necessary, as is a working knowledge of English. Ability to write and communicate the outputs of analytical work, and the use of Office software (word-processing and spreadsheet) is also needed. While a person with a few years of work experience in the related areas will be preferred, persons starting work freshly who are committed to the cause are also welcome. 
The person would have to be based in Pune, and there will be occasional travel involved for field work. 

Manthan is a centre engaged in analysis and advocacy of water and energy issues. Through research and analysis of important policies and key issues in water and energy sector and its dissemination, Manthan has made important contributions to the discourse and policy in the water sector. Manthan works closely with grassroots groups, movements and campaigns and like-minded organisations.

Manthan offers a semi-formal and open work environment and great opportunities for learning. Details about Manthan’s work can be seen at

Please write to the undersigned with your CV, details of any experience relevant to the above work, and a one page note about your interest in work related to water, environment, development. Applications should be sent latest by Monday 9th July 2018.
Shripad Dharmadhikary,


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