Facilitators required for school at ProtoVillage

The Ikigai Learning Center at ProtoVillage is a community based school where anyone can learn irrespective of age, gender, religion, caste, etc.  Set in rural Andhra Pradesh, the community is by and for the villagers, who live and work towards self reliance through interdependence in ways that do not harm the air, soil and water.

The core objective of the learning is to equip learners with what we have come to call “Essential Knowledge”… The knowledge of how to co-exist in synergy with nature. We are imagining this knowledge organised into a 4X9 matrix… 4 modules of Learning (Self, Environment, Expression, Tools&Concepts), and 9 Basic needs (Food&Water, Shelter, Clothing, Healthcare, Energy, Connectivity, Trade, Education and Disaster Management). The whole curriculum is embedded within the 36 cells. The path of learning is driven by the individual learner. The journey of learning is facilitated across the 36 cells in such a way that the learner is able to find his or her Ikigai – The reason to be – a function of 4 inquiries – What am I good at, What do I love to do, What does my community need, and What ought to be my Vocation.

The goal for us is to make this an open source project, that involves like-minded people collaboratively co-creating this possibility, that can be replicated eventually.

We are looking for long-term (>= 6 months) volunteers/ facilitators who will embark on a co-learning journey with children / adults of the community. What we expect of the volunteers:

  1. To blend-in with the community members, who are by nature very giving and loving
  2. To participate in the activities of the community
  3. Knowledge of skills such as farming, building with mud, wind and solar energy generation, etc will be greatly appreciated but is not essential.
  4. Each basic need has several activities that add up to fulfilling it. And each of these activities has the potential to teach a variety of concepts in science and math. The role of the facilitator will be to encourage the kids to learn the Tools&Concepts in order to master the activity optimally. For example, water a plant allows us to learn surface tension, Capilarity, Osmosis etc.
  5. Help in evolving the design of the curriculum and pedagogy with a view to make it comprehensive, robust, effective and replicable.

What you can expect:

  1. Food and shelter
  2. Open hearts and appreciative minds
  3. Simple living, clear night skies and open country side
  4. But, Internet connectivity 😉
  5. Whatever else you can paint on the canvas!
  6. In cases of financial constraints, a basic remuneration can be considered and can be discussed later.

It’s an exciting adventure for us, and we believe that this, if well done, can be the point of leverage for transforming the rural context. We are looking for fellow adventurers, and rebels in their own right who are excited about creating and demonstrating a new possibility rather than tinkering and fighting the status-quo.

Please write to shobi20@gmail.com if you are interested in exploring the possibility.  You could also call on 9901153973.

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