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Employment opportunities with ISLI

To give you a brief about ISLI- India School Leadership Institute (ISLI), was established in 2013 as a project of the Akanksha Foundation, is one of the first initiatives in India to focus on developing the skills of School Leaders i.e. headmasters, principals, head teachers and school owners., to build high performing schools that commit to and deliver academic achievement and character development of children in low-income schools.

Over the past three years, ISLI has grown from an organization employing one full-time staff working with six principals to in 2016-17, employing thirty-eight full-time staff working with 350 principals across four cities. Through its work with the leaders, ISLI now impacts approximately more than 14,000 teachers and 130,000 students. Over the next three years, ISLI will grow to 1,000 schools and serve nearly half a million students.

Currently we have two openings with us: Donor Relations Manager and Recruitment and Operations Associate.

isli-donor-relations-manager-jd ]

[isli-recruitment-and-operations-associate-jd ]


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