CALL FOR PAPERS – Imagine a Feminist Internet: Research, Practice and Policy in South Asia

What opportunities does technology provide to question and, ultimately, start changing gender norms?In February 2019, Point of View and the Internet Democracy Project are organising ‘Imagine a Feminist Internet: South Asia’: a two-day regional conference bringing together researchers, practitioners and policymakers from across South Asia for critical conversations that seek to answer precisely that question.We invite papers from both young... Continue Reading →

A New Internet Scam?

Economics in action

I have been writing and posting an essay every week in this platform for the last 20 months. However, due to the tiredness arising out of travel during the last couple of weeks and also due to a forthcoming trip, I have almost decided not to write anything this week. However, there is an email in my inbox that has changed my decision.

We are used to a number of internet scams. The `business proposals’ from a few African countries are of one kind. Then we have seen mails using the id of colleagues and academics who are apparently facing some financial difficulty during their foreign trips. However this mail scam has gone beyond all these types. There is a direct mail. `I know your pass `xxxxxx’. I have developed a malware. I know all the pornographic and other such sites that you visit. I have made a video in…

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