Alumni Stories : Anjali Vijayan

By Anjali Vijayan (MAE - 2014) Born and raised in Madhya Pradesh, a native from Kerala. The growing up adolescent years made me question on cultural, social identities. I used to deeply disregard the notion of freedom -given by others and power exercised by the privileged. After doing graduation B.Tech in Bioinformatics, still the desire... Continue Reading →

We Will Not Accept Any Decision That Undermines The State’s Fiscal Domain: Kerala Finance Minister

First published here:     Mumbai: The finance commission is a constitutional body created every five years to decide on Centre-state financial relations. The latest panel constituted for 2020-2025 was asked to use the 2011 population census for deciding every state’s share of the central taxes. This may mean that states with higher populations will receive more central... Continue Reading →

Govt Claims Rise in “Forest Cover”, Experts Say Definition Flawed

First published here:   Mumbai: A misrepresentation of the word “forest cover” has led to a flawed government conclusion that India’s forests grew by 6,778 sq km or 1%–about the size of Sikkim–over two years to 2017, various experts told FactChecker.   This increase includes forests converted to commercial plantations, degraded and fragmented forests, and the health... Continue Reading →

Under Ahmedabad’s Mounting Garbage, It’s the Migrant Worker Who Is Crumbling

First published here: Water, air and soil pollution from the open landfill has robbed the nearby workers of their health. Credit: Goutam Kumar Mahanty As you approach Narol, you see the silhouette of something curving like a mountain, burning in the sunset. Soon enough, you realise it’s an open landfill – one that holds nearly... Continue Reading →

An unorthodox choice: a year of working in the social sector

By Arvind Mamgain [2015-17] first posted on I was born in the 90s. Yes, the same generation that has grown up alongside India’s digital revolution. There is another silent change which has kept up with the immense change in India post liberalisation: the growth of the social sector, which has given students like me... Continue Reading →

Threat to Bannerghatta buffer zone

First published here: Initial draft put Eco-Sensitive Zone at 269, but this has been cut down to just 181.57 At least 73 eco-sensitive villages, of which 22 are ‘red list’ villages, have been left out of the buffer zone of the Bannerghatta National Park, which remains Bengaluru’s last big, urban forest. ‘Red list’... Continue Reading →

Alumni Story: Kena Holkar

Kena Holkar [MA Development 2013-15] Organization Name: Rural Urban Development Research and Action-RUDRA “Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people living life in peace” – John Lennon Journey so far When I completed my engineering in 2013,my idea of... Continue Reading →

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