‘Good for the country, not good for the poor’: Delhi’s marginal folk struggle with demonetisation

Originally posted @ http://scroll.in/article/823692/good-for-the-country-not-good-for-the-poor-delhis-marginal-folk-struggle-with-demonetisation Authors: Harsh Mander,  Anirban Bhattacharya,  Nandini Dey,  Vivek Mishra (Batch 2013-15) In markets, labour addas and homeless shelters, people struggling to make a living have been over the edge by the cash crunch. Early on a winter morning at the Chuna Mandi labour adda near Paharganj in Delhi, the capital’s “dispensables”... Continue Reading →

Majuli Needs a Leader

Posted by Dharamjeet Kumar (dharamjeet.kumar14@apu.edu.in) on December 16th, 2016 in 2016-17, Clinton Fellowship Blog Imagine this, a nice comfortable house with a backyard for some gardening. Then a bigger farm to produce enough for self-consumption as well as selling some to bear the living expenditure for rest of the year. But what if I say that each... Continue Reading →

Living with Floods

Originally Posted by Dharamjeet Kumar (dharamjeet.kumar14@apu.edu.in) on November 16th, 2016 in 2016-17, Clinton Fellowship Blog I have lived in 14 states of India before coming to Assam and it was my first opportunity to enter into the north-east frontiers of the country. Assam is like an entrance to a group of states which follows a culture... Continue Reading →

Rachel – Class of 2013-15

Originally posted at http://www.thebetterindia.com/73663/tbi-blogs-break-silence-abuse-speak-up-stand-up/ Neha’s suicide was the jolt I needed. She had been my junior at Azim Premji University where we both did our Masters. In my final year, her colourful dupattas and cheerful smiles had always caught my eye. When I heard the reason—depression brought on by an abusive relationship—it brought back memories that... Continue Reading →

Beech ka Raasta

Practices in the Primary Education Bureaucracy Ashwin (ashwin.vs13@apu.edu.in) is a graduate of the Azim Premji University and works with the Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai. This field study from Sirohi district, Rajasthan, reveals that, faced with staff shortages, resource constraints and mountains of paperwork, officials and teachers of the primary education department employ a... Continue Reading →

Farm-based social enterprises

Article reposted from YourStory How farm-based social enterprises are changing what was once a stagnant sector It is a long-held view that innovation in the farming sector in India has meagrely progressed since the green revolution of the 60s and 70s. The drastic change in that period brought high-yield varieties of seeds to the forefront,... Continue Reading →

The Master Stroke- Fawaz Jaleel

Fawaz Jaleel's short story has been published in an anthology book that released on 16th May 2016. The new stock will be on Amazon soon. Meanwhile, it is available here  bit.ly/TheMasterStrokeBook Brief on THE MASTER STROKE Welcome to the lands of colourful minds with ‘The Master Stroke’ that caters to the varied tastes of avid... Continue Reading →

Gubbachi – A Community of Learners

Gubbachi Learning Community was established by APU Alumni in mid-2015 to (i) enable the educational inclusion of the disadvantaged out of school children, typically from migrant and deprived families, in collaboration with the public education system (ii) facilitate empowerment of the family and community in which the children are located and (iii) through evidence and engagement, influence policies... Continue Reading →


We all have our fears. We all are good deep down in our hearts, but we cover ourselves for protection so that no one can hurt us. — Mrigendra Singh, cyclist Mrigendra Singh cycled from Bangalore to Lucknow and now Dehradun, Delhi and Rajasthan are on his list. The Lucknowite recently covered around 2,300 kilometres... Continue Reading →

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