Sabarimala Episode and Kerala Politics

Economics in action

I have written about, and broadly supported, the majority judgment of the Supreme Court of India in this case. However many people inside and outside Kerala have not expected such a strong opposition to the judgment within the state, especially the one orchestrated by the right-wing forces. There is an expectation that the majority of Keralites could be progressive since they are educated and hence would welcome or accept the judgment.

Though I don’t want to discuss in detail in this essay, the expectation that higher levels of education, per se, would make people liberal and secular, or the view (held by an number of educationists) that if education does not lead to such an outcome, it could be due to its failure, is incorrect empirically and historically. We have looked at the documented evidence in this regard. The summary is that it depends, not only on the content of…

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Positions with JSLPS

There is an employment opportunity with Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS). They are looking for development professionals with -       Minimum 2 years of experience in livelihood sector -       Eager to work with marginalised community in Jharkhand -       Have attitude to accept challenges -       Ready to take initiatives -       Willingness to travel extensively as per programme requirements -       Commitment to commit... Continue Reading →

Manchadi “Teach Maths for Kerala” Program

Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K DISC) is a strategic think tank and advisory bodyconstituted by Government of Kerala. K DISC has initiated Manchadi “Teach Mathsfor Kerala” an innovative educational program in Kerala jointly with five local governments in the state and the general education department for improving theproficiency of maths education in the... Continue Reading →

CALL FOR PAPERS – Imagine a Feminist Internet: Research, Practice and Policy in South Asia

What opportunities does technology provide to question and, ultimately, start changing gender norms?In February 2019, Point of View and the Internet Democracy Project are organising ‘Imagine a Feminist Internet: South Asia’: a two-day regional conference bringing together researchers, practitioners and policymakers from across South Asia for critical conversations that seek to answer precisely that question.We invite papers from both young... Continue Reading →

Program Manager @ Katalyst, Bangalore

Katalyst started in 2007, with the intent of liberating women from low income communities, through the pursuit of professional education. The initiative prepares young women for leadership roles, thereby bridging the gender diversity gap in corporate India. Katalyst achieves this objective through a blend of unique development interventions, including our proprietary and scientifically researched curriculum.... Continue Reading →

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