Updates from Sanstuti Foundation

Program wise Updates

1- School Ke Sath Hum: (Quality Support Program)

We are continuously supporting to school to enhance the activities. Teachers are taking initiatives in the activities. We have done some of below tasks.

A- Drawing Competition “Kala Ke Rang, Tyoharon Ke Sang”
B- Celebrated Children’s Day
C- Plantation
D- School Ground got cemented interlocking, which is helpful for children to play at the ground and it has been now specious.
E- The blocked classroom by former gram pradhan has been free after meeting with BDO & Gram Pradhan, it will be the school’s Library cum Computer room.

2- Kitaaben Aapke Dwar (Community Library)

A- The young team of library has started the monthly competition of the primary grade children in drawing, Spell Bee (Photos Couldn’t taken as they have not phones)
B- The Electricity connection will be done till 15th December, after meeting with BDO, He assured us to be done.

3- Mera Gaon-Meri Pachayat (GPDP):

A- Meeting was done with BDO and Block level medical officer to reactivate the Primary Health Center.
B- ANM and Gram Pradhan prepared the budget allocation for the PHC.
C- The Application has been sent to Panchayat Secretory for Street lights in all the villages under Panchayat.


1- The community has started participation in the activities at the school and Library.
2- People started questioning with the gram pradhan about development work.
3- Teachers in the school started taking initiatives to take activities on place.
4- The dressing of children in school is much better than last year.
5- Children are now more communicative (Low Hesitation)
6- Regularity of children in school has increased.
7- Cleanliness in school.
8- A classroom has been possession free by the former gram pradhan.

Upcoming Tasks:

  1. Community Meeting for School
  2. Cricket Match for youth
  3. Website for the village by negotiation with Govt. Department.
  4. Establishment of Creative Platform for children at Panchayat level “Khula Aasman”
  5. Library cum Computer Room inauguration in govt. School Godhauri

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