Research and Advocacy Positions – Bangalore – Equitable Tourism Options

Equitable Tourism Options (EQUATIONS) is a research, campaign, and advocacy organisation. We study the social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts of tourism on local communities. 

Two positions are open – 

1.  Economics of Tourism Programme – to work with the organised sector issues and unions and with the unorganised sector in tourism. Mapping labour mobilisation and working with hotel workers unions is also the aim of our current work. We also work on labour issues in tourism in the unorganised sector (street vendors, guides, artisans) focussing on labour rights and violations.

2. Institutions, Policies and Tourism Models programme – to work on policy, looking at analysing and influencing state and central tourism policies & schemes, with the objective to making them more representatives of people’s aspirations of tourism. And to build a fellowship of people across the country who will work independently on tourism issues.

The job location is in Bangalore. 

For more details on how to apply – click here or reach out to me (9739439142).

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