The Airhostess from Darjeeling

Economics in action

When we travel by budget airlines in India, the probability of having an airhostess from Darjeeling is very high. I have been noticing this for some time. This probability is as high as that of having someone from metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, and much above from Kolkata or Chennai and almost all other cities in India. This is remarkable considering the size of Darjeeling. What does enable many girls from this place to be an airhostess in the airlines of India?

We should start by noting the transition of the job of airhostess in India. Though the nature of this job has not changed much during the last 40-50 years, its `social status’ has changed a lot. Until 1980s and 1990s, an airhostess in India could be seen as part of the upper- or middle-class. However the expansion of air travel, the arrival of budget airlines, overall…

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