A Crude Comparison between Bengalies and Malayalees

Economics in action

I am aware that this is a politically and academically incorrect effort. However I am not constrained by these senses of correctness in my writing here. I have a larger point and to make that in an accessible manner, such a comparison is useful.

Though I am a Malayalee, I have some exposure to the life and ways of Bengal. My close friends – Achin and Indrani – are from there. Then there are colleagues, former students and research collaborators. Kolkata is the only metropolitan city in India where I feel spending some relaxing time. I have also carried out research in parts of Bengal including Sundarbans, many years ago.

If we take the intellectual and academic achievements, Bengalies are a few miles ahead of Malayalees. Internationally recognized intellectuals like Tagore or Amartya Sen are somewhat absent in Kerala. This is true in almost all sciences too – physical and…

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