Invitation to the GAP Intensive Program 2018-19

Greetings from Head Held High!

We are delighted to bring our signature program the GAP Intensive which is a 14 month journey created for high potential change makers to amplify their impact. Highlighted below are the key features and milestones of this program:

Who is it for?

The GAP Intensive program is for individuals or organizations who/that have a deep commitment in alleviating poverty and are passionate about bringing positive changes globally; who want to increase the impact of the  initiative, strengthen their personal and organization’s capabilities and become a part of a larger network of mentors, investors, corporate and like-minded social entrepreneurs.

We have certain minimum eligibility criteria for the applicant Change-makers:

·         You must be the head/founder of an NGO or Social Enterprise

·         Your NGO/Social Enterprise has been operational for at least 2 years (we are not an accelerator program for early-stage concepts)

·         You must have registrations like 12A, 80G, FCRA or registration under Section 8 Company Act

·         You have at least 1 year of financial statements and budgets

·         You are willing to commit time, energy and resources over the duration of the program, and are willing to engage enthusiastically with mentors, business leaders, investors and other partners during the Intensive journey

·         You have support within the organization to work on the GAP Intensive with you, especially during the days when you are attending the Foundation Workshop or other sessions.

·         Willingness to upgrade and improve the organizational strategy and plan through the GAP Intensive

·         Ability to deploy tools to measure the impact of the initiative

·         Willingness for personal leadership development to optimize the capabilities of the team, partners and connections and being open to change

·         Willingness to attend the GAP Annual Event at the Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad to meet your Corporate Intensive Leader

How is the GAP Intensive program structured?

The GAP Intensive Program is a 14-month journey covering two key parts:

1.    A 2-month Intensive Foundation Course which prepares the Changemakers for the yearlong Intensive journey

2.    The 1-year Intensive Program with the Action team focusing on increasing the impact by at least 50%

The GAP Intensive 2 Month Foundation Course consists of:

1.    A workshop covering personal leadership and organizational development through in classroom coaching – 7 days

2.    Foundation (Mentoring) – Weekly calls with mentor for strengthening business fundamentals – 8 sessions across 8 weeks

The GAP Intensive 12-Month Program

1.    Working with dedicated Intensive Leader and Action team to define growth strategy, develop the implementation plan and identify partners for growth – 3 months

2.    Support from Intensive Leader in implementation of growth plan, leveraging networks and connections and improving funding readiness – 9 months

3.    Regular monthly/quarterly reviews and an impact assessment at the end of 1 year.

What is the Foundation Course?

The Foundation course is an integral part of the GAP Intensive program. The course will:

1.    Expand your leadership capabilities, develop powerful perspectives towards your life and goals

2.    Equip you with the right frameworks to crystallize your organization’s mission & strategy, build your organization model and plan for the future

3.    Coach you towards being ‘funding ready’ – how to present/pitch to investors and define organization’s objectives/programs/structure in an impactful manner

4.    Enable you to discover your Life Purpose, and align it with your work and life

5.    Bring forth a new paradigm of living and professional action

What are the key milestones?

The GAP Intensive Foundation Course  – Choose from 2 dates ( Nov 12 – 18 Nov ,Nov 26 – 2 Dec) in Bangalore.

This 7 day workshop is a combination of the Mission Impossible leaders Program (4 days) which will enable your inner transformation to become an unstoppable leader and the Mission Model (3 days) which will provide you further clarity and strategies for your initiative and also enable you to create a funding pitch. 

GAP Intensive Program for 12 months – Jan 2019 – Dec 2019

The GAP Intensive will be an extended team on your initiative and will provide support and work alongside to achieve your impact goal.  This will consist of the Intensive Leader (Business Executive), NGO person and a Coach. 

Recognition of the Intensive at the GAP Annual Event – Jan 2020, India

Teams will be acknowledged for their work and receive certificates for having created impact in the communities

The current contribution, we invite Changemakers to make, which includes all the above, is INR 35,000 for all 7 days of and the 14-month GAP Intensive program (inclusive of accommodation and food for the Foundation Course). This does not include expenses for travel to Bangalore or for the Annual event in Ahmedabad which will be needed to be borne by you.

Coming soon

The GAP Annual Event / Launch of the GAP Intensive Program – Date to be announced soon, Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad, India

The GAP Intensive program will be launched at the Gandhi Ashram and you will meet your Intensive Leader and the Action Teams as part of the Annual Event.  The 3 days will be an immersive experience of the social and business worlds full of inspirations and collaborations.

Please find below the link for GAP Intensive Application form:

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