Programmes at Sambhaavnaa Institute

Sambhaavnaa Institute is organising three programs this November-December that may be of interest for individuals in social organisations/movements/campaigns, as well as youth who are interested to learn about social change.

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19th to 23rd November: Buland Iraade: A Journey of Discovery and Self-Reflection. Program Objectives:

  • Understand concepts including power, gender, patriarchy & sexuality.
  • Examine these concepts in the context of our Constitutional rights.
  • Share the journey of women’s movements and its links to other social justice movements

Facilitators: Dhiviya and Nandini Rao are a part of the women’s movements in India. They are feminist activists and gender trainers who have been working on issues of women’s rights for more than two decades.

7th to 9th December: Cinema of Resistance: New Cinema and Social Movements: Engaging through the process of Viewing & Screening. A 3 day workshop cum film festival
Facilitators: Sanjay Joshi National convener of Cinema of Resistance and various documentary film makers

21st to 30th December: NAYI DISHAYEIN: Winter School on Rethinking Development
…a place to think critically, unlearn, dialogue, explore and evolve pathways towards a just society
Program Objectives:

  • Deconstruct, i.e., critically examine the notion of development
  • Examine the root causes of growing inequity in distribution of wealth and resources and it’s impacts on nature and humans in a society fractured along the lines of gender, caste, race, ethnicity, religion?
  • Re-examine our belief systems, worldviews, privileges resulting from the power structures of caste, gender, religion, class and how they are linked with the notion of development
  • Examine how the state and its institutions of policy making and governance influence these power structures and vice versa
  • Assess possibilities of transformation through people’s action. An exposure to and dialogue on a range of initiatives/movements towards a just society.


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