Professional Skills Courses by Amani Institute at Bangalore

Greetings from Amani Institute! As we approach the end of 2018, we have exciting Professional Skills Courses and events coming up!

Building professional skills and engaging in life-long learning is important for career success and advancement in our fast-changing world. Join one of our 2.5 day courses to learn from leading global faculty and gain tangible marketable skills. To learn more about them and to register, click on the courses below.

Social Finance: How to Understand, Inspire and Persuade Funders

Julia Dhar, Principal at Boston Consulting Group and Vilas Dhar, Social Impact Investor

Register here for the open session October 25th 6pm-7:30pm

Register here for the full course: October 25th-27th

Through this course, we will develop an understanding of the motivations and incentives that make us great leaders, as well as the biases, fears, and loss aversion which keep us from performing at our capacity.  We will apply these skills to one of the most difficult challenges a social changemaker can face – identifying and persuading funders to support their mission. We will discuss potential groups of funders, their motivations and interests, and develop a common financial literacy so we can understand what matters most to traditional philanthropists, impact investors, granting agencies and others.

Marketing and Open Leadership

Simon Cohen, Founder Global Tolerance

Register here for the open session November 15th 6pm-7:30pm

Register here for the full course: November 15th-17th

This course covers the latest thinking around social communication – and how to lead the conversations about our work. We will explore our personal visions and values, and how to integrate them into the lifeblood of our social enterprises. Through case studies and stories featuring the world’s leading social changemakers, we will learn how to manage the media, communicate a message clearly, speak to the public, and spark inspirational coverage for our activities.

Amani works with NGOs, foundations, corporates and universities to deepen their skill sets, design curriculum, and more. Already in our first year in India, we have facilitated trainings for Oxfam, Deloitte, the University of Chicago, CRY- Child Rights and You, Upaya Social Ventures, and more. Contact us if you would like to explore deepening talent for your organization or clients.


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