Events By Maraa, Bangalore


THIN LINES are like strings of the violin.

THIN LINES are fragile, and can break easily.


Elastic. Invisible. Sensitive.

THIN LINES differ for you and me

Maraa invites you to a walk around the grey areas of sexual harassment. The multi-media walk is designed to invite the walker to listen to different versions of truth before taking a stand. An exercise to push your boundary and/or draw your lines around touch, shame, desire and love.

register now, only ten seats.

call 9880159484 or email

20th October | 530 -700 pm


Invisible Theatre | Mashaal 

21st and 22nd October | Koramangala & Indiranagar  


No stage. No audience. Invisible performers.At traffic signals across Koramangala and Indiranagar. Mashaal,  a theatre group based in Bangalore, will stage short performative pieces, to provoke, involve, and strike conversations around the irrational expectations and absurd desires of urban life. Your don’t know when you are inside the invisible theatre, just play your part.

“2 minutes of a performance can provoke and elicit multiple responses from an unsuspecting audience; the apparent triviality of the exercise

off-set by the different possibilities of audience participation, places immense responsibility on the artist.” -Ashwini Chakre, Theatre Practitioner, Mashaal

*call us on 9880755875 if you are interested to follow the invisible theatre crew.


in air: dedicated to the creatures to the night

VOICES AND MUSIC | MARAA terrace | 20th OCT | 630 pm onwards


As we complete ten years of maraa, we invite you back to the same place where we started – the maraa terrace.

A very close friend Parmita Mukherjee, says she has been making strange voices for my friends and family for a long time, and very recently began doing the same for larger ears to recreate the quiet voices in the air outside and air inside the mind. She has a musical background is in bits and pieces of hindustani and western classical music. Two other artists are yet to confirm. This night is dedicated to floating in air, like a folk song, a folk story or voice.

It will be a night to remember. If you have a telescope, bring it along, we can look at stars.

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