Opportunities @ Makkala Jagriti, Bangalore

Makkala Jagriti is looking for dynamic and passionate people for some new exciting opportunities!

Makkala Jagriti works on the Holistic Development of children(6-14 yrs) and we focus on the Socio-emotional, physical, intellectual and creative development of children.

They are looking for passionate individuals who can contribute to the Holistic Development Learning Centers (Govt school centers) &  Youth programme in the following roles and we prefer those who have prior work experience in the same. The role of this person will be to conceptualise, design, plan and execute the program with a team of implementers at the ground level.


  1. Manager, creative development (fine art, performing art, creative problem solving etc.)
  2. Program Manager, Holistic Development Learning Centers
  3. Program Manager, Yuva Jagriti
  4. Facilitator – Holistic Development Learning Center at Children’s Homes


Please do pass on the message in all networks that you are part off and kindly cc “sunayana@makkalajagriti.org & dasantoni@makkalajagriti.org.


Job Descriptions

Program manager, Learning Centers

Program Manager, Yuva Jagriti

Manager, Creative development (education)

Facilitator, Balamandira



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