Inc-Q, a diversity workshop for organizations

We, at Anekataa, are very excited to invite nominations for Inc-Q – Leveraging Diversity | Building Inclusion, an open program for team leads/supervisors/managers in Bangalore on Oct 9th, 2018 at Palm Meadows Club, Whitefield.
Most organisations today are aware of the need for diversity and its positive impact on individual and team performance as well as business outcomes.  Many are making conscious efforts to increase diversity ratios and find ways to include minority groups in key leadership roles.
Yet, industry data shows a sharp drop in the number of women (for which data is more easily available)  as they rise in the corporate ladder. Workplaces are witnessing a greater multi-generational mix than ever before; the socio-cultural background in teams today is quite rich in its diversity.  While some of the challenges of retaining diverse talent can be attributed to personal choices and lifestyle changes, businesses could do well to reflect on what they could do differently to succeed and flourish.

Anekataa’s Inc-QTM open program enables leaders to explore the dilemmas associated with managing a diverse team. Today’s leaders need to demonstrate more visibly that they are skilful in providing an equitable platform for each person while creating a more humane, diverse and inclusive team culture.  Leaders are often challenged by the need to ensure high team performance along with balancing individual preferences and expectations. Team leaders today have to pause and reflect even more before making choices taking several differences into account.

By learning skills and gaining perspectives through Inc-QTM, team leaders can experience a visible shift in their leadership approach; they can champion diversity as a competitive advantage and optimise effectiveness by leveraging people’s unique talents and insights.

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