Gandhi week : 27th Sept- 5th Oct

Please find attached a schedule of activities lined up by APU students to celebrate and remember Gandhi.
Specific queries can be addressed to Varsha ( who has been working hard and behind the scenes to coordinate volunteers and logistics.
This year had it not been for the untimely tragic demise of Ankit Chaddha, we would have had a special Dastangoi on Gandhi. We will remember and celebrate his work through Shozab’s Dastangoi instead.
We also have wonderful singers amongst the student body who have curated a meaningful set of songs on various Gandhian themes. They will conclude the week through their performance.
Like last year, Madhav Sahasrabuddhe (Madhav kaka to many) has agreed to pass on his Charkha spinning skills to new enthusiasts. And  DESI will put up its stall for our love for handlooms.
There are also thematic talks by Aseem Srivastava, Jahnvi Andharia, Saurabh Vajpayee, and Jennifer Liang .
And of course we welcome the week this Friday, with a special return invitee to APU, Bangalore Little Theatre, performing the Prophet and the Poet.

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