Associate/Fellow – Advisory Services @ Varthana

What We Do
Varthana is the brand name of Thirumeni Finance Private Limited, an exciting Bangalore-based nonbanking finance company (NBFC) focused on the education sector. The company provides loans and support to private schools serving the low-income population to improve school quality, infrastructure, and learning outcomes.

With 450 million school-going students, India has one of the largest education markets. With 40% of enrolled children preferring private schools over government schools, and only 25% of schools being private schools, there is a growing gap that needs to be addressed. Access to capital is one of the most important requirements of school owners for addressing this gap. Money is needed to build additional classrooms, purchase benches, computers, to set-up labs and libraries, etc. Unfortunately, most private schools find it very difficult to raise money from formal sources. Varthana aims to fill this gap.

Varthana’s vision is to transform the affordable education landscape in India. To achieve this, Varthana will need to help provide more than basic financing to schools. We have also imitated a “Beyond Loans” effort through which we help connect schools with solution providers who have innovative and cost effective solutions that address schools’ major needs.

As the newest component of Beyond Loans, Varthana imitated its Advisory Services division in late 2016. The objective of Advisory Services is to help schools define and solve their most pressing organizational issues with a focus on improving financial planning, school management, and academic performance. Advisory Services draws on Varthana’s unparalleled knowledge of India’s education sector and works with clients on wide-ranging projects, from improving client schools’ financial and accountant practices to helping client schools understand and better operate in their unique market context. Advisory Services clients are future looking and seek to develop a competitive advantage.

What does an Advisory Services Associate/Fellow Do?
● Engages in the Advisory Services team’s client work, including: manning and engaging with wide-ranging clients and stakeholders; performing in-person and over the phone stakeholder interviews; collecting and analyzing data; and, ensuring use of proper knowledge management practices
● Conducts rigorous qualitative and quantitative research, synthesizing and formalizing findings for use in presentations for both internal and external initiatives
● Collaborates with teammates to design, build, test, and launch new service offerings based on extensive data-driven research and an understanding of the unique Affordable Private School market context

Who we are looking for?
People Leadership
● Seen as a credible and contributing thought partner by senior colleagues
● Independently manages enhancement with external partners, including clients, consultants, market research forms, etc.


  • Experience in rigorous research, e.g., research design and interpretation; survey work
  • Strong analytics, problem solving, research, and communication skills
  • Highly capable of executing work independently, including solving problems and soliciting leadership input
  • Shows an interest in education and Affordable Private Schools, excited to learn and grow
  • Has a grounding in relevant knowledge areas (e.g., education, BoP service delivery) through academic, work, and personal experiences
  • Deep expertise in some knowledge areas relevant to Varthana
  • Passion for and belief in Varthana’s mission

Education and Experience

● 1-3 years of work experience (in total) with the following credentials:

o Required: Fluent in English and Kannada; Hindi and/or other regional languages
o Required: Excellent academic credentials with strong problem-solving, research, analytics, and communication skills
o Preferred: Experience at a top tier consultancy, investment, or research firm
o Preferred: Experience or clear interest in mission-oriented work
o Preferred: Experience in research and analytics

This is a temporary position for the duration of six (6) months; it is based in Varthana’s Bangalore headquarters.

To apply, please send CV to: Srisht Sinnh at and Chandra Kumar at


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