Details here: https://movingwatersfilmfestival.org/

Moving Waters a volunteer driven, completely free film festival based in India purely to promote awareness and love for our rivers and oceans.

Our Beautiful Blue Planet

This scintillating jewel that is the blue planet is more than two thirds water, yet we know very little beyond the edge of land. Poorly understood, highly threatened – this is the story of the other two thirds. Whether for drinking, oil exploration, electricity generation, recreation or fishing, our dependence on water is growing. Knowledge of what lies beneath the oceans and rivers that bring us life is increasingly important, but often these ecosystems are damaged or destroyed before we can find out more.

Two Days of Aquatic Stories

We hope to bring forward stories of this blue jewel through films that tell stories of people, places and creatures that make up our rivers and oceans. The Moving Waters Film Festival aims to bring the latest in aquatic issues to the public in Bangalore. As the first exclusive ocean and river themed film festival, we hope to bridge research, exploration, conservation and filmmaking in India.

This two day festival will feature independent films made by filmmakers from different countries. Our selection will inspire, entertain, educate, and encourage active participation in ocean and river conservation, and exploration.

Films and Talks to Get Engaged

Our carefully curated selection will also showcase Indian filmmakers who have documented India’s rivers and marine ecosystems, their animals, and communities. Interspersed with inspiring talks by explorers, activists, scientists and conservationists, this festival will attempt to engage the audience with issues in the real world.

This limited seating event is free and open to the public, but be sure to bring your thinking caps!

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