Opening with Mushroom Development Foundation (MDF)


Greetings from Mushroom Development Foundation (MDF)

Since 1994, MDF has been working as an association of citizens to promote livelihood solutions for the marginal farmers by providing nutritional food security to the nation. MDF has taken mushroom cultivation as a tool to enhance the lives of the indigenous small and marginal farmers both at the social and economic level.

In January 2018 we embarked on a sustainable rural livelihood generation project under Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission Society (ASLRMS) of bringing together twenty villages in Chandrapur and Dimoria Blocks, near Guwahati, for developing a value chain, from production inputs to market linkages. Currently, two hundred families of indigenous tribal and non tribal people have been brought together in forming a Farmers Producer Organization (FPO). These families produce various kinds of food items such as vegetables, rice, fruits, milk, fish, meat and now mushrooms, without using any kind of fertilizers or chemicals. Most of the produce are of local variety and are organically produced. There is tremendous marketing potential not only at local and national level but also beyond our national border.

MDF is networking with various market channels in linking the FPO produce to the end consumers. At this stage, we feel the need to promote a Section 8 Marketing Company to undertake the task of marketing the products of the FPO. We are looking for a competent entrepreneur to set up and run the marketing company as an independent entity.

On behalf of MDF and the two hundred farming families, I make a public appeal to competent entrepreneurs to come forward in building the Marketing Company which will create a win-win situation for the indigenous farmers and the consumers by providing the best nutritious food at affordable prices. If anyone is interested and feels that she or he has the competency to take up this challenging and promising venture, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Pranjal Baruah, General Secretary, MDF
Address: 32, Lamb Road, Ambari, Guwahati-781001, Assam, India.
Mobile number: 9854003003
Email :

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