Youth Alliance | Inviting Applications for a 9-day Immersive Journey

We believe it is essential to begin the journey of doing by digging deep to understand the past and the present from an integrated lens, all the while, untying the knots of intersections between the Human Self, Economics and Ecology.

Earth Shashtra 2.0 intends to embark on a 9-day immersive journey with 30 passionate individuals at an eco village in the hills of Sahyadri. Through this journey, we do not seek for a return to the past, but to take forward the wisdom from it and understand the ongoing economic, environmental and human self crisis from a systemic view. The journey focuses on personal transformation and nurturing a strong community over the 9-days and beyond.

If you care enough to challenge the status quo and experience an unrest long enough for us to collectively create a differently reality, then Join US!

Here are the details:
Dates: 8th – 16th October, 2018
Venue: Govardhan Eco-Village near Mumbai.

We are looking for individuals from diverse backgrounds (rural & urban) including students and professionals from non-profits, corporates and government.

Final Application Deadline: 9th September
Reach out to us at 9811 723 034 / for any queries.

More details here.

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