RG TKJ Memorial on 5th September at RVEC

Dr. T.K. Jayalakshmi was the founding Director of RV Educational Consortium. She had also served as Principal of R V Teachers’ College. Dr. TKJ, as she was fondly known among her students, colleagues and friends passed away on 2nd September 2005. To commemorate her memory, we have been organizing an annual academic event, every September.

This year, we have planned to have a presentation on “Impact of teaching on student motivation towards science”. This will be followed by discussion with teachers, students teachers and students.

Title :  Impact of teaching on student motivation towards science


The study measured the impact of classroom strategies used by teachers on student motivation towards science.  The focus was on grade eight in an urban setting in India. Teaching of a specific chapter was taken as the unit of analysis and an observation matrix was developed for the purposes of the study. Teachers’ instructional procedures during classroom teaching were observed and analyzed to understand the different strategies used by science teachers.  Teaching episodes were audio recorded to facilitate analysis. Teachers were interviewed to understand their perspectives on motivation and also to probe into how they respond to students’ needs. Students were administered questionnaires to gauge their motivation towards science. A cross section of students was purposely sampled and detailed interviews conducted to understand their response to teaching. In order to avoid a multiplicity of confounding factors the study was conducted in three schools under the same examination board. 

Speakers Dr Indira Vijaysimha is a  faculty at Azim Premji University and also founder of Poorna Learning Centre, an alternative school in bangalore.

Kalpana Aravamuthu is a data junkie, social scientist and learner-at-large

Date : 5th  September, 2018

Time: 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm 

Venue : Institute of World Culture, BP Wadia road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore-560 004.

Maps https://goo.gl/maps/wZveHcrVs5s

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