Competition: Improving Liveability of Small Houses

We are not asking the participants to  design houses, buildings and projects. We are asking them to redesign the existing projects –by public agencies or the private builders. Special effort is also to get the in-situ slum relocation and slum rehabilitation projects to be redesigned. And the competition is not confined to the architects and the design students alone.  NGOs and other groups can participate too.

Besides the re-design the participants are asked to suggest changes in the building bylaws as also two case studies demonstrating people’s innovations in space enhancement and management.

It is truly a national program and we hope to reach far and wide. And that is possible and will happen as we have 4 formidable media partners—3 national design and civil society magazines and one highly reputed South Asia on line platform focused on architects and designers.

With what we are doing—poorly designed small houses  and malfunctioning and ugly looking buildings—we are being unjust to our people, insensitive to our built environment and irresponsible to our cities and therefore to  our future. The competition’s objective is to inform, analyse, motivate, orient and engage in the process of seeking corrections. And the idea is to seek ideas from all possible sources.

Here is the brochure on the Improving Liveability of Small Houses we have just launched. I am sure you will like this very unusual competition for the students of architecture, practicing architects and other designers.

Brochure_23082018_c ]

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