Sanstuti Foundation- Updates from April to August 2018

We are pleased to share with you that, our work is in progress…

Updates program Wise:

1- School Ke Sath Hum: (Quality Support Program)

We are supporting regularly to school in terms of Academic i.e. in assessment, some teaching methods. Resources: Books, TLMs, Stationary. And Regularity of the teacher in school by discussing with the Gram Pradhan & SMC.

Children Enjyoing The 15 Aug 18.jpgPerformacem of Children on 15 Aug 18.jpg

2- Bodh Aapke Dwar: (Rural Library)

We are continuously supporting to the youth and children, how to use this library in better ways.

A: Now the children are using this place as a study hall, the community is also taking initiative to develop this place after our community meeting.

B: Also, the panchayat is using this place for their General Body Meeting (GBM) of the community.

C: The Library has a daily Newspaper, which is being read by community people.

Learining Through Game Boards & Cards.jpgNewspaper Reading By Villagers.jpg


3- Meri Panchayat-Mera Adhikar: (GPDP Model)

As this task was our upcoming program in the last update, which is now in process.

A: We had discussed with the people in the community about some issues, the primary activities have been done with the help of people that Village Name Board at the entrance of the road.

B: The PHC in the village has been demolished which is under plea with the health department (CMO).

C: People are taking initiative to make small committees to resolve the issues by sharing and negotiation with the govt.

D: We have discussed with the Gram Pradhan to conduct a Wholistic Survey of the whole panchayat to get a clear picture of development.

Community Meeting for Library Use.jpg  Community Meeting for Meri panchayat- Mera Adhikar.jpg

4- Kerala Relief: We have collected clothes and usable material for Kerala Relief in Lucknow.

Material Donation for Kerala Relief.jpgPacked Material for Donation.jpg

Upcoming Tasks:

1- Community Meeting for School.

2- Resuming PHC.

3- Visit of District Magistrate

4- Light connection in Library & Installation of computers.

5- Cricket Match for youth.

6- Holistic Survey of Panchayat.

7- Website for the village by negotiation with Govt. Department.

8- Opportunity for Internship By panchayat.

We need your Support to achieve our goal. You Can contribute through your Ideas, Your Energy, Your Guidance, Your Network.

You are cordially Invited to our Village for Visit.

Gram Panchayat- Godhaura Welcomes You!


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