Laziness is much more common than what we think!

Economics in action

Economists have had great difficulty in understanding laziness within their rational choice framework. However behavioral economics has indicated the possibility of laziness or inertia that may prevent people from taking actions that are beneficial to them. Let us see what this laziness is and what could be the reasons behind it.

An intentional choice of leisure is not laziness. My daughter thinks that Saturdays and Sundays are for rest, relaxation, and parties, after working hard for five days. She cannot accept my habit of working 7 days a week. I don’t reckon her as an appropriate candidate for a doctoral program or for an academic position but she cannot be called lazy.

There are many people who may take several days to reply to your emails or may not reply at all. Most of these people are not lazy. They are not replying timely since your mail is not a…

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