Invitation: IDEC APDEC InDEC 2018

We are enclosing the invitation letter, the programme schedule and the delegate fee for IDEC APDEC InDEC 2018, International, Asia-Pacific, India – Democratic Education Conference, to be held from Thu, 15th to Wed, 21st Nov 2018.

The fee covers accommodation, food and day trips within the city.

We would be delighted if you could be a part of the conference and do a presentation if you would like to do so.

The culture of the conference is informal and you could use one or more ways to share your ideas and experience. Please choose the most preferable date, time and venue and get back to us. We could discuss further after that.  The policy of the conference is that all participants, presenters, organisers register.

The tours before and after the conference will be charged separately by the group organising the tours. We will put up on the website shortly and send you those details.

The trips before the conference will start on 12th night and you will come back to the conference on 14th night if you want to attend the APDEC. Otherwise, you would return on 15th evening in time for the IDEC inauguration.

The trips after the conference would start on 20th evening and you could come back to Bangalore on 23rd evening or 24th morning.

There are about 5-6 optional routes for these tours and you could choose one from these. On each tour, you would visit

1. An education programme (be it a school, an NGO or an educational programme)

2. A historical site (ruins of a kingdom, a temple…)

3. A natural environment (a river, a forest, mountains…)

Do have a look at the attachments, spread the word and feel free to say how you would like to be involved.

IDEC APDEC InDEC 2018 Programme 24.07 – 1 ]

[ Invit Ltr IDEC APDEC InDEC 2018 ]

[ Delegate Fee IDEC APDEC InDEC 2018 ]

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